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We offer delicious cakes for any occasion. In our range you can find a great variety of wedding cakes, first communion cakes, occasional cakes for children etc.

U Kowolki Confectionery

„U Kowolki Confectionery” was founded in 1981. The name is connected with the company’s first head office, which was placed in a smithy in Rydzyna. Our company can be proud of the fact that we produce only natural and top quality products. This gives us confidence that the customer gets the best.

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Bar "jesz co chcesz"

Various food in JESZ CO CHCESZ offers you a chance to compose your dinner and to create interesting dishes. Get to know our flavours and find something for yourself

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Photos from Cukiernia

Wielkanocne torty na świąteczny stół. 🐣🐰 »

Photos from Cukiernia

Tort weselny. 🍰 Prosty a za razem jaki piękny.🤗 »


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